General Terms & Conditions

Returns and Exchanges
Due to the made-to-order nature of our products, we generally cannot offer returns or exchanges. However, if you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to replace or refund it. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or if it arrives damaged, please contact us within 7 days. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Every item is made to order, so it is custom made for the individual who orders it. This means that we cannot re-stock and re-sell material that is returned to us.

If there is an issue with the product please contact us immediately so we can help troubleshoot.

Please do not skip the step in our directions that asks you to clean and prep the wall surface with TSP or comparable products. There is a residue that can build up as paint dries and cures, as well as dust, dirt, and grime that will affect adhesion.

Contact us via email to start an exchange or refund request before mailing your package to us.

Please include all relevant information along with a photo of the issue and order number if applicable, for quicker processing.

We do not offer prepaid return labels, so once you hear back from us with instructions, simply choose the shipping service that’s most affordable or convenient for you.

You have 30 days to let us know if there’s an issue. Check your order promptly after you receive it to avoid missing the window. After 30 days items are no longer eligible for a return or a refund.

Postage for the shipment and the return is paid for by the purchaser.

Return to:
StickBadger / Returns
11923 NE Sumner St
STE 861661
Portland, Oregon, 97250

Additional Policies
Decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. These surfaces are not completely smooth and unfortunately, they do not allow for sufficient smooth surface area for the decal to adhere to.

If you have just painted your walls please allow the paint to dry and cure. The paint needs to finish off-gassing or the vinyl adhesive will fail. We recommend waiting 6-12 weeks after you paint to install your vinyl decal.

Printed colors differs from digital colors. Devices and computer monitors create color using the primary colors of light, whereas printed colors use ink mixtures. Colors often vary from one monitor to another. Currently, there are no color standards for the phosphors used in manufacturing monitors for the graphics arts industry. We do our best, but we cannot match our colors against all the different monitors and devices in the world.