Step 1

Unpack and unroll your new wall art. Lay it out flat, and weigh it down to remove any curling. Use your squeegee to remove any visible air bubbles at this point.

Step 2

Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the pieces of your wall art to facilitate easy placement and planning on the wall.

Step 3

Using masking or painter’s tape, stick your wall art to the wall. Using a long piece of tape, stick it across the middle of the design to create a hinge.

Step 4

Starting with the top half (above your hinge), pull off the lining and work your way from top to bottom with your squeegee.

Step 5

Using your squeegee, continue working your way down. The hinge helps you do the top part first, then the bottom. 

Step 6

Now pull off the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle (flat against the wall in the opposite direction) using your fingers and hands to apply pressure while working your way down from top to bottom.